Our cutting-edge technology allows learners in the energy sector to experience a limitless training reality, resulting in higher engagement, retention, and mastery of key concepts. From safety training to technical knowledge acquisition, Stage is the solution for the energy sector’s evolving training needs.

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Industry Partners

“We can have the vendor seeing what the problem is, giving advice and sharing information directly at the worksite.”


‘With it’s potential to generate up to $5trillion in value by 2030 the metaverse is too big for companies to ignore.


Dr. Angelina Dayton : ‘97% pf students would like to study a VR course’

Seeing is believing report :- 2019. https://www.pwc.com/seeingisbelieving

$1.5 trillion in global GDP by 2030 (reference McKinsey above only 3 years later amending this to $5 trillion.

Demystifying the metaverse report :- https://www.pwc.com/us/en/tech-effect/emerging-tech/demystifying-the-metaverse.html

From Presentations to Immersive Learning.

Remove the need for long, 2D, non-interactive presentations. Create immersive narrative-based lessons that helps deliver your curriculum and without the need for technical knowledge, by building these experiences easily with our Stage Editor. Designed to be ‘as-easy-as-PowerPoint’.

Building the workforce of the future for the workplace of the future.

Working together we can build the largest spatial network in the world, building academic disciplines and aligning them with employer requirements.

STAGE immersive technology empowers you to build, create and own your immersive content and deliver tomorrow’s technology today.

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Our Solutions - Education

Stage, is a Metaverse. A Metaverse that emphasizes narrative-based learning using immersive technology such as AR and VR. Using sequential slides; much like PowerPoint, Stage drives user engagement, reduces class distractions and aids in knowledge retention through interactive content.

Creating a safe Metaverse for All


Access via the institutions security policy, this includes federated authentication, two-factor authentication and synchronisation with pre-existing user and profile services.


Avatars allow users to represent themselves. Customise to reflect your individual preference and personality.